Don’t have the time to manage vendors?

Stressed by managing too many vendor relationships?

Tired of getting “handled” by vendor customer support “tech babble” that you don’t understand or don’t know how to refute?

Hand off the confusion, stress and management of vendors to ITque.  When you sign up with ITque’s Managed Service plan we manage all your vendors at a CIO level and make sure your SLA’s and contracts are documented and being met.

  • Organization – with our perfected documentation management system, we’ll make sure all the information you need is at your fingertips and that all warranties, contracts and SLA’s are monitored and managed.
  • Single Point of Contact – you will save time and money by streamlining all communication swith vendors. Additionally, your vendors will be able to deliver better products and solutions to you through ITque’s enhanced IT communication and feedback. There may be features and services you never knew were included in your fees that are just waiting to be integrated into your network and systems.
  • Peace of Mind – your vendor relationships and communications are in good hands. We take the B.S. out of C.S. (Customer Service).