Who is ITque?

ITque is a Silicon Valley-based IT Service Provider helping almost 100 small and mid-sized Northern California businesses manage and maintain their IT infrastructure to optimize productivity, safeguard critical data and reduce downtime.

Free IT Audit

They say the best things in life are free – we agree.  ITque’s Free IT Audit gives you a no-obligation opportunity to have your existing IT systems evaluated by experienced IT professionals. This Free IT Audit is step number one in ITque’s exclusive 4 A’s Concierge Service, which helps reduce anxiety and cost when looking for a new IT service provider for your business.

Your Comprehensive, Free IT Audit Includes:

  • Introductory 30-minute phone consultation
  • 60-120 minute on-site technology and IT Audit including:
    • Discussion of your business, your IT needs and concerns
    • Visual inspection of on-premise computers, servers, network, etc.
    • Detailed network and security analysis
    • On the spot notification of any immediate security or other threats
  • Free IT Audit Report with actionable information, not just raw data
  • Free, no obligation estimate

* ITque’s Free IT Audit has a $995 value based on the value of a 30-minute call, a 60-minute on-site visit, travel to site, setting up and generating network & security analysis, time spent consolidating and presenting report data.

We Can Help Your Business

From mom & pop shops to mid-sized enterprises with hundreds of employees, ITque has decades of experience working with companies in almost any industry. What’s more, we can work with you whether you have no IT resources, an existing IT department, IT person or external IT partner.

For more information about ITque’s Free IT Audit and our exclusive 4 A’s Concierge Service, please visit 4 A’s Concierge Service.

ITque’s Free IT
Audit is… Free!

ITque’s Free IT Audit is a great way to know the state of the technology that helps run your business.

And guess what? It’s Free.

Simply call 408.500.0724 or complete the form below and we’ll schedule a convenient time to come out and give you an honest evaluation of your company’s technology.

It’s fast, easy and dare we say free.

Call 408.500.0724 or complete the form below to schedule your Free IT Audit.

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