Whether you're adding more employees, expanding in your existing space, or moving to a sparkly new office, you need to make sure your technology works when you get there. Let ITque take care of the technology side of the project with our exclusive Technology Relocation & Expansion Package. We have helped many companies (Bothman Construction, Silicon Valley Law Group, Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and others) plan and move their technology to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption. Here’s what’s included with ITque’s Technology Relocation & Expansion Package:

  • Work with your internal teams, buildout teams and other vendors to ensure cabling and power are located optimally in your expanded space or new location
  • Work with your current technology vendors (phone, internet, etc.) to ensure your technology services are available upon arrival
  • Prepare all your existing servers, workstations, printers, routers and other technology for the expansion or move
  • Prepare, pack and tag all the above for the expansion or move
  • Purchase new equipment and technology for the expansion or move
  • Physical technology moves: EXPANDING vs. MOVING
    • If you are EXPANDING IN YOUR CURRENT SPACE, Itque can help physically move ALL your technology for you.
    • If you are MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION, ITque generally moves everything in your server closet only (i.e. servers, switches, firewalls, routers and other networking equipment).
    • Note: We will prepare all your individual workstations, printers, etc. for a move to a new location, but it is generally better to let your moving company transport these items due the potentially large number of these items most companies have.
  • Setup and test of all your technology at your expanded or new location
  • Be there with you on the day of the event to troubleshoot any technology issues that may arise

If you have an upcoming expansion (i.e. new employees or expanding in your existing space) or relocation, call ITque today to help you prepare and plan for your move, so you can get back to work with as little disruption as possible.