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ITque Referral Bonus Program

Want to earn some extra cash and provide a friend or colleague the same professional IT support services you receive from ITque? Introducing the ITque Referral Bonus Program. You send us any clients, colleagues or associates who may be looking for IT services and support and, if we sign them up as a client, we send you a check.

There are two ways for you to earn your bonus:

  • Project Client – if you refer us a one-time project, you get 10% of the labor value of that project. For example, if you refer ITque a project valued at $15,000 and the labor portion of the project is $10,000, we’ll send you a one-time bonus payment for $1,000 after the project is done and the client has paid ITque.
  • Managed Services Client – If you refer a business that signs up for a monthly managed services plan with a 3-year support contract, you will receive a referral bonus of ½ the value of the first month’s service fee. Referral will be paid after the referral has been a client for 3 months.
One Call Does It All

If you would like to refer a client or associate to ITque, please call the ITque Referral Bonus hotline. We’ll answer any questions you may have about this program and walk your through the process.

ITque Referral Line: 408.641.7030