managed IT services San JoseFour Prime Hardware Leasing Benefits

Managed IT services providers in San Jose leasing hardware via HaaS will save you time and money in a number of ways:

  • Life Cycle Constancy
  • Cash Flow Maintenance
  • Decreased Paperwork
  • Less Expensive Maintenance

Life Cycle Constancy

Leases are usually between two or three years, depending on the agency you go through. This is about the time period representing technology's life cycle. Not leasing means continually buying hardware solutions. If you're constantly buying hardware, rather than leasing HaaS solutions, then you'll be spending money on something you can retain for--- at max--- five years. Really, that's a stretch; two to three years (the term of most leases) will yield you more realistic solutions, and more cost-effectively. This doesn't even factor in additional collateral losses like depreciation. The larger your organization, the more you'll save through leased HaaS solutions.

Cash Flow Maintenance

A startup that leases will save thousands and retain the kind of utility usually reserved for larger organizations. When you're leasing, instead of technology being a recurring investment that constitutes a loss, it instead becomes a regular overhead expense: lights, utilities, employee paychecks, benefits--- leased hardware solutions. And keep in mind, there's nothing that says you must lease all hardware through a HaaS solution. You can keep personal computers etc. which store crucial information against outward expansion down the line. But leasing the majority of infrastructural machines will save you resources, pure and simple.

Decreased Paperwork

A vendor or manufacturer is more likely to directly lease to small or medium-sized businesses. If you buy, you'll probably have to take out a loan, and then you've got that paperwork headache to deal with perpetually over the next indefinable clutch of years. Meanwhile, the primacy of vendors isn’t as apt to require a credit check, so there's no need to get any loans involved.

Less Expensive Maintenance

Managed IT services providers in San Jose which offer hardware leasing solutions generally cover maintenance expenses on their end as it's their prerogative to do so. It's their duty to update, patch, service, and provide support under warranty for the hardware you're leasing from them. Otherwise, you've got to do all these things yourself, and that gets expensive very quickly. Usually, the only realistic option is to have an on-site tech guy, and the larger your operation, the more such on-site tech professionals you need on the payroll. Even one of them who is dedicated to your operations will cost you $20,000+ every year--- that’s on the low end. If you've got two, expect to lose $40k+ annually. Meanwhile, HaaS solutions don't cost that much, usually, throughout the term of your lease (depending on the size of your operations, of course). On the one hand, you have employee costs plus the expense of the machinery. On the other, you just lease everything and save thousands.

The Way to Go

Managed IT services in San Jose through ITque, Inc. offer HaaS solutions that will save you thousands. You don't have to remain with a HaaS solution perpetually, but starting out with one--- or switching to one in order to conserve resources--- is a very wise strategy. Contact us for HaaS solutions that will conserve your resources while not depriving you of operationally competitive tech solutions.

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